It’s been a long time since I’ve written. I’ve had a lot of different blog concepts rattling around inside my head, but none of them have fully materialized into a complete post. So finally, I decided that I would compress them all into one.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The omniblog.

#1 The last time I wrote was around the time that I went back to Blacksburg to finish up the work that I’d been doing there and host the show in honor of the anniversary of the VT tragedy. The show was amazing, and I still for some reason don’t have the wherewithal to write about it completely.

However, there’s one interesting part about that day that’s so a chapter completely and typically out of my life. On that morning, I got up and started to go downstairs to get some laundry out of the dryer. Important laundry because it contained pieces of clothing for my outfit for that day. My slippered feet met thickly carpeted stairs, and away we go. The next thing I knew, and sadly not for the first time in my life, I found myself at the bottom of the stairs.

This is why my mother refused to ever say “break a leg” to me on the day of a show. It was always so much more likely with me than with other thespians.

The unfortunate thing about my trip down the stairs is that, while my leg was actually fine, my arm was being dragged out behind me as I went. Now, here I sit about six weeks later and my shoulder is unfortunately still kind of ouchy. I finally went to the doctor last week. I am probably looking at a situation of, at the best, a pinched nerve and, at the worst, a rotator cuff injury.


#2 Another thing I’ve been thinking about a lot relates to this blog in general. Every once in a while, I’ll make a post that really gets a lot of you folks talking. There are about 90 folks who subscribe to this blog, and at times, I’ve heard back from nearly half of you on one particular subject. For sure, the internet dating stuff has been richly evocative for lots of people. I’ve heard some of the most bizarre and heart-warming stories. From a friend who’s supposed other “friends” signed her up for e-harmony without her knowing about it—until she started getting the emails from strange men!—to another friend who is a housewife raising two kids on a mountainside who told me she wished there was an e-harmony for her to be able to talk to other housewives.

My point in all this is that I wish that all you fine folks who are out there—people whom I’ve known and loved and laughed with at some point in my life, people who are now far-flung to places like Colorado, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Australia—had a way to see each other. I wish that your conversations with me were visible to each other. Because there’s this whole sort of meta-conversation that happens. An invisible community that you don’t realize you’re tapped into.

There is, of course, a way to do that. And that would be if folks would be willing to use the blog itself, rather than remaining in the realm of email. But, many of you have told me that there’s no way that you have time to make the click over, so I understand. Life is busy and hectic, and I know that there are times when I would do anything to keep from having to be on email for one second longer.

#3 Speaking of the online dating theme. Many of you were pulling for ol’ Morgan after the vivid description of our fourth date that I left you with. Sadly, there were no more. I know, I know. How could he not want to be with me after such excitement and adventure? Well, it really didn’t have as much to do with the fourth date as an overall incompatibility.

Now I’m on a dating strike for at least the month of May. Not because of Morgan. I decided that, after all the running up and down the road I’d been doing for the first four months of the year, and given the way that dating was feeling like a never-ending job interview, I wanted to give myself a break so that it might feel like fun again eventually. So, I’ve been enjoying house & dogsitting for the month of May. It’s been rather like living someone else’s life for a while. I get up every day and go for a long walk with this beautiful Collie named Bella. I eat breakfast in a great, big kitchen with lots of natural light. It’s great. Dating, schmating I say. I’m on vacation. Sort of.

#4 Ok, so I’m not really on vacation because Synchronicity, the theatre company that I work for, had two plays going on this month, so I was really working my butt off most of the time. Still, Bella and I have of late been watching in our meager free time together a fantastic show from the BBC (rented through Netflix) called Ballykissangel. The premise is that a young British priest gets sent to a small village in Northern Ireland to become the curate at their parish, though there’s an older over-bearing priest who oversees his work at the larger village nearby. I can’t recommend this show enough for character, storyline, scenery, you name it. Plus, you could watch it with your grandmother if you wanted to (I must admit this is not usually a criteria I’m looking for in my entertainment, especially since one of my grandmother’s is blind and the other one would rather talk your ear off than watch something). Back to BalleyK. (as the locals call it)…It’s mostly funny, but after a drastic plot turn I witnessed yesterday, I found myself nearly in tears over the avocados at the farmer’s market. You’ll find yourself dreaming of a trip to Ireland quickly, for sure.

Ok, that’s enough thought strands for now. Would love to hear from you…