Deep story work, growing a story culture over time, leading to a dedicated goal.

The emotional gravity of such an undertaking necessitated an enormous amount of patience, trust-building, care, and commitment–all of which Shannon demonstrated in spades. Shannon listened deeply to and honored the needs of participants and us, the commissioning arts presenter. Consequently, we all seemed to grow through the process Shannon facilitated. As a story coach, she maintained high expectations for participants, always leavened by love and understanding for the complex emotions one tangles with when preparing personal stories for performance.”

Jon Catherwood-Ginn

Associate Director of Programming, Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech




StoryMuse strives to provide an excellent, open, and transparent process with clients and partners from the planning phase all the way through the documentation and evaluation.


Coalitions of organizations, local businesses, academic institutions, and community initiatives will make for the strongest partners.

Not only will the burden of cultivating resources be shared, but the responsibility for caretaking the work that develops from our project will be as well.

At the end of the day, my goal is to support your work and help grow a storytelling culture wherever you are, whatever your needs.

Residencies are longer-term engagements (beyond a single workshop or event) last from three days to over a year.

They are typically centered around an organization or community’s deep commitment to
a) building a storytelling culture
b) use of storytelling to deepen and expand mission & impact, and/or
c) to open a space for voices to come together on a particular issue.

StoryMuse has conducted residencies with institutions and organizations including:


Sample Short-Term Residency Overview

Residency Overview for Monticello Area Community Action (January 2020) and West North Carolina Conference UMC (May 2018)

Sarah Hanks, MACAA Executive Director
Maria King, North Piedmont UMC Church Vitality Specialist

Introduction to Storytelling for Personal & Professional Development (3 Hours)

MACAA Board & Staff Leadership
30-50 ppl

Starting a New Chapter: Building a Storytelling Culture (3 Hours)

MACAA Offices
Staff Leadership
10 ppl

Community Meetings (3 Hours)

Meet in local coffee shops and visit other local agencies regarding future engagements and partnership building.

Individual Coaching (2-5 Hours)

Provide coaching to individuals involved in the residency for professional development.

Open Mic/Story Swap (1.5 Hours)

Host a public event to provide opportunity for community constituents to share stories on a theme in the vein of The Moth.

Youth Workshop (3 Hours)

Storytelling workshop for youth constituents (14+) with culminating story sharing/performance.