I’m a Little Teapot

My next project (and my first evening-length performance) is in development…

I’m a Little Teapot: Existential Angst & the Search for Purpose at the Dawn of the Millennium is a retrospective on a young woman’s first few years of what some now call “adulting.” Storyteller Shannon M. Turner graduated in 1997 from a liberal arts college with an English degree and no plans for the future. As the millennium approached, she wandered aimlessly through low-wage jobs, trying to find her sense of purpose, garnering small truths about herself and the working world. Parallels between twenty-five years ago and today are poignant, when global freakout over Y2K and a presidential impeachment were in the background of everyday people just trying to get by. Teapot is not just a one-person show. It involves community engagement workshops with college students and community members. Performances will include audience interaction from the liminal space of the lobby, all the way to the final moments.

Because, what we need right now is to rebuild and reconnect–one story at a time.

Purpose, Power, Passion, & Possibility

I keep meditating on what I’m calling the four pillars of this project: purpose, power, possibility, and passion. Some of my best/worst stories from the working world have to do with either being out of alignment with or striving to find my way back to one or all of those things. I bet you have some great stories on these themes as well? Let’s jam (with tea!) on these ideas together. Stay tuned for opportunities to do just so!

Ways to Connect Or Be Involved in Teapot

  • BOOK THE SHOW! Teapot will debut in Spring of 2024. If you’d like to bring it to your neck of the woods for anything from a one-time performance to a community residency involving some of the workshops mentioned below, please contact me!
  • Life Maps Workshops – Draw the journey of your life as if it were a map and examine that journey through story. Options for individual coaching or team workshops.
  • Tea with Me Workshops – Tea and storytelling workshops with individuals, small groups, and organizational teams where we write and tell stories about our lives either past, present, or future.
  • (Grown-up) Play Dates – Fun activities to help you tap into & remind yourself of your lifelong journey with play, purpose, passion, and possibility; options for completely solo time, parallel play, or finding friends.