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Society for Neuroscience
Story Consultant
Summer/Fall 2019
I provided coaching for presenters involved in a storytelling session at SfN’s Annual Meeting. The goal of the storytelling session was to convey information in a different and more engaging manner than the traditional scientific presentations that take place at the meeting. Presenters were expected to discuss a personal narrative while connecting with the audience. The Storytelling Symposium brought together neuroscientific discovery, science reporting, and personal storytelling in a synergetic and memorable forum. Lectures interwove with personal stories to showcase the effective ways in which neuroscience researchers and journalists can collaborate, how storytelling provides a common ground between science and art, and the power of narrative to hold captive our storytelling brains.

“You were definitely the best speaker of the group. Very compelling (I cried at the mention of your students at the end), excellent, Grade A story. Thank you.”

— Feedback to one of the SfN Storytellers after his presentation, 10/19/19