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In February 2010, a new monthly storytelling event came to Atlanta. Known at the time as Moth-up, the event eventually rebranded as Carapace, after the hard outer shell of animals like turtles or crustaceans. Quite auspiciously, I was the first person whose name was drawn out of the hat on that very first night. It was the moment that began the gentle turning of my life toward the path I’m on now as a professional storyteller and coach. 

In 2022, the producers of Carapace handed the show over to me, making it one of my most humbling, joyful roles to produce this important event in the Atlanta live lit scene.

The Show

Each month on the fourth Tuesday, we gather at the historic Manuel’s Tavern to tell stories based on a theme such as Road Rules, Insecure, or Left Behind.

For more information about Carapace, please visit our web, Instagram, or Facebook pages.