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What Clients Are Saying

Dr. Cynthia Searcy, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

“Shannon has facilitated storytelling for a leadership development program that I direct at Georgia State University for three cohorts of Honors College students. Her engaging style and expertise makes storytelling accessible for any group, especially those aiming to build community for a common purpose. The life map exercise transforms strangers into friends who build trust through empathy and appreciation for others’ experiences. I highly recommend Shannon’s workshops for any group that wants to build positive dynamics through reflection and sharing.”

Adrianne Hamilton-Butler

“I worked with Shannon on a storytelling project for the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency (ACSS). The purpose of the project was to engage the broader community in the work of poverty alleviation through employment readiness and job placement programs. The outcome was an event that really opened people’s eyes and hearts. Shannon has an amazing way of getting to the essence of who people are and empowering them to share it in a way that is authentic and approachable. Shannon is a masterful communicator who sheds light on things that matter and is able to help others to do the same.”

Anonymous Participant Survey

“I did not think there was an art to storytelling or it was a skill I needed to be learn. I absolutely had no idea how powerful a tool it is and how much it would help me as a leader. All that changed when Shannon took us through detailed lessons in the art of storytelling. Now I know better. I understand the power of telling the right stories the right way.”

— Ulester Douglas - Executive Director, Men Stopping Violence

“Shannon M. Turner rocks! She’s a consummate professional, and StoryMuse is the real deal. We could not be more happy about our collaboration with StoryMuse on Trigger Warning: A Night of Stories. The event was first class – a wonderful and transformative evening – and helped introduce Men Stopping Violence and our work to a broad new community. We wholeheartedly recommend Shannon Turner, and we are eager to work with StoryMuse again.”

― Dana Inman, President & CEO, Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency

“After a staff member attended StoryMuse’s show,Trigger Warning, she came back to me and said, “We have to do provide this kind of storytelling experience for our participants and so ACSS’s audiences to better understand our impact.” I didn’t know exactly what that would look like, but I trusted Adrianne. I already knew Shannon from being a guest on her radio show and from her volunteering with us, so I knew that whatever she did for us, she would do a good job. I just didn’t know how much potential was in that word–impact.

Shannon coached both our participants and other storytellers she brought in from the community into a well-rounded, highly-curated, beautiful evening called “Truth and Consequences: a storytelling cabaret.” Sitting together with a packed house of engaged participants, I was riveted to hear tales of people from all walks of life as they took the stage to talk about some of their most challenging life moments. I saw Shannon’s mission to bring people together across lines of difference come to life. She helped them show how we are all both unique and universally connected by our stories.

Now, she has turned those oral stories into written ones for our website, together with photos and video from the event. I couldn’t be more pleased to have this vast archive of some of ACSS’s best success stories that I can turn to show how our mission in action transforms people’s lives. 

I plan to work with Shannon again because her dedication to building a storytelling culture into the fabric of organizational mission is transforming the way we do work.

Recent Academic Workshops, Residencies & Keynotes


Georgia Southern University – Criminal Justice Conflict Resolution Class – February 13, 2017

Georgia State’s Graduate Course in Public-Making in Contemporary Practices, “The Transformative Power of Storytelling & Vulnerability in Public Spaces,” March 6, 2017

Georgia State’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies LEAD Program Retreat – Storytelling for Leadership Development – March 11, 2017

GSU’s Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders InitiativeStorytelling for Your Personal Brand Workshop Series – Summers 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

GSU’s WomenLeadStorytelling as Business Leadership Skill – August 29, 2017

“Inspiring Grit in Georgia Tech Students through our Personal Stories”Georgia Tech’s Center for Teaching & Learning – January 19, 2018

Georgia Tech’s Office on the Arts Board Workshop – February 28, 2018

Georgia Tech’s Center for Teaching & Learning – “Celebrate Teaching Day” – March 8, 2018

GSU’s LEAD Fall Retreat – Storytelling for Leadership Development – October 28, 2019


Virginia Tech 2016-17 Academic Year

“The Safety Show” (a devised theatre piece with Georgia Tech students) – DramaTech Theatre – February 2019

  • Georgia Tech’s Theatre Department – Personal Narrative for Devised Performance Techniques / “I Feel Safe When” – September/October 2018

Recent Non-Profit & Community Workshops, Residencies & Keynotes

Recent Workshops, Keynotes & Residencies:

Recent Academic Workshops, Residencies & Keynotes


Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities – October 27, 2018

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence – September 28, 2018

Personal Storytelling for Litigators – Atlanta Legal Aid Society – April 24, 2018

Men Stopping Violence – May 11, 2017

Residencies/Long Term Projects

Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities

Men Stopping Violence / Trigger Warning

Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency / Truth & Consequences

Recent Youth Workshops, Residencies & Keynotes

Recent Workshops, Keynotes, & Residencies:

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