Kate’s Club

Kate’s Club

In October 2019, I shared my “Life Maps” workshop series for youth at this amazing organization that provides respite and friendship for young people who have lost a family member.

I returned to host Family Night in November 2019. Family Night is a huge gathering of about 60 people—parents, caregivers, children, and youth. We began with a Thanksgiving meal, had a large group tutorial in storytelling basics, and then broke up into smaller groups for story time. When we came back together at the end of the night, we reflected on some of the best lines of the stories that were shared, and then built a story together based on one of my favorite story games, Fortunately, Unfortunately…

Shannon came to Kate’s Club to introduce Storytelling at a family night. We help children and their families heal after the death of a parent or sibling. Shannon used her warmth and skills to teach families to tell their own stories about their loved-ones. She understands that sharing stories about our people helps us stay connected through our lives. She was amazing with our large group.”

Lane Pease

Director of Programs, Kate's Club