Teams & Organizations

Coaching groups in their use of storytelling as an everyday internal communications tool for staff and board reflection, evaluation, hiring, as well as external communications and development.

I go all around, working with groups of people in the use of storytelling for their professional pursuits.

Who might be interested in this opportunity?

  • Nonprofit boards & staff

  • Startups
  • Corporate departments
  • Executive teams

What might your goals & outcomes be?

  • unique experience for a retreat or training
  • build trust & rapport amongst teammates
  • develop a storytelling culture for use in multiple levels of internal & external communications
  • improve public speaking skills, comfort, and charisma in the public realm
  • learn how to tell a story in moments of staff/board leadership

  • convey your business’s unique foundation story, “the turning point”, or why

  • prepare for interviews, presentation, or evaluation

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