It’s here. The big reveal. (Though there were hints if you were paying attention.)

It’s my pleasure to announce the publication of…

String of Fish

in today’s edition of The Bitter Southerner.

More than a year in development, this story is very personal to me and my family; it was no small feat to put it out there so publicly.

I have to take a minute to thank Suzanne Mozes and her Storybuilding class, the place where I was able to really dive into this material and bring it to life. Also, the Peach State Storytelling Festival, who took a chance on me to headline in January 2015. I developed this piece to get ready for telling the biggest/longest tale I’d ever told in my life. It was such an opportunity.

There were so many other individuals and coaches along the way that I can’t even begin to name all the names. Suffice it to say, please feel free to cash in on the cup of coffee or soup dinner I owe you.

Finally, to my family, I didn’t ask your permission exactly. I’m sorry/not sorry I aired our laundry. Let’s at least hope others will benefit from the telling.