I know. I know.


I’ve been talking a lot about this amazing podcast I’ve helped to make.


I don’t know what your current relationship to the struggle for disability rights is or if you’ve ever had the chance to think about it. Thing is, I think you’ll be interested in some of these episodes–whether or not you ever have.

Episode 1 is for history buffs! It’s is an intriguing look back through our history as we explore landmark Supreme Court cases like Brown v. Board of Education, the ADA, and Olmstead. It also explores the evolving nature of language. If you watch Jeopardy! and geek out on history and language, then you’ll love Episode 1.

Speaking of geeking out, well, Episode 2 is for my science-y friends and animal lovers. We explore the world of adaptive technology, how things like eye-gaze technology and letter boards, Alexa and robotic doors, have opened up new worlds of independence and communication. Then we segue into service animals, and if the paw prints on my kitchen floor tell me anything, it’s that the people I love, love their four-legged friends.

Episode 2 drops tomorrow. I hope you’ll tune in.