Hard to believe the final episode of Hidden Voices dropped today. This was such a labor of love from start to finish.

In our final show, we take a 360 review of the life journey of a person with a developmental disability. We look at the crucial signposts along the way—education, housing, transportation, employment—that show where we really are as a state. In order to explore all these topics, we tell the stories of Callie and Michael. Two lives being lived out in different parts of the state, with very different access to resources, agency, and ultimately, different outcomes. For now, at least.

What’s not different about their lives is the love and hope their families have for them.

After listening to all these stories, I hope you feel galvanized, as I do, to stay informed and even advocate on behalf of the issues that affect the lives of people with I/DD.

There’s so much beauty and complexity in this world. It’s been a pleasure to bear witness to a deeper slice of it.