remember when
“it’s good to see you”
didn’t mean
“i’m glad you’re alive”

remember when
we were very concerned
wal-mart coming to town

remember when
you went into a place
and didn’t think
how quickly could i get out of here?

remember when
turning on the tv
turning off your brain

remember when
a siren
didn’t make you
want to crawl out of your skin

remember when
you felt like
you were
the only one who was having a bad day

remember when
our little town
felt like
our little secret

remember when
leaving our little town
felt like
the right thing to do

remember when
you knew exactly
what you needed
to do in the next day

because you had a to do list
and it didn’t include
cry, pray, call your mom 3 times
and freeze up while crossing main street

remember who
remember what
remember when