Heart sculpture on the BeltLine

Polygon Heart Sculpture by Matthew Duffy, Photo by Shannon Turner

Last month, I launched two new brands adjacent to StoryMuse, DateMuse and SpaceMuse.

The work in both camps has already been fantastically delightful. With SpaceMuse, I got to help a woman organize and clean out the trunk of her car, which started with a conversation about ‘unpacking’ why she felt she always needed her trunk to act as her traveling suitcase.

In each of these new initiatives, I still see myself as a storyteller and story coach. How do you want to tell the story of your days? Of your life? Are you spinning yourself as the hero or the victim?  Is it time to tell yourself a new story?

Under the auspices of DateMuse, my first client was a busy husband in grad school whose wife’s 29th birthday was fast approaching. He had no time between papers and other commitments to plan something special for her.

DateMuse to the rescue!

A new section of the Atlanta BeltLine just opened up, and, as this woman is an avid lover of art in many forms, I thought this was an excellent opportunity to highlight some of the wonderful new public art along the path.

I planted a scavenger hunt for her at the base of sculptures and murals where she could discover…

  • poems & meditations
  • rocks she could write words to represent setting her intention for the next year
  • my famous trail mix to fuel her journey!
  • earbuds and a QR code so she could scan and listen to a song she once wrote


The one thing hubby insisted on was that the plan had to culminate with their tradition that all birthday’s must include the Shake Shack.

Here’s what V.’s husband sent me after the fact:

Shannon—wow you did SUCH a fantastic job!!! Thanks for all your thoughtfulness and care! V. really enjoyed the adventure of destination unknown, the scavenger hunt, walking the trail. So thank you thank you–I think she really felt special and loved.

She should feel loved. This is one cool couple, and it takes a special guy to say, “I need support here!” rather than just phoning it in.