We should not moor a ship with one anchor, or our life with one hope.
~ Epictetus

I moved to Atlanta in January 2008 and immediately started online dating. I just couldn’t wait to start my life here because I was so excited to have jumped into the larger dating pool. Not long after the beginning of my career as an online dater, the stories started pouring out of me.

This was my first one.

About the time I wrote the famous boots story, I realized I had a knack for it ~ I really enjoyed regaling people with the routine. I’d never felt so funny.

At this point, I’ve done countless Carapace stories, blog posts, one full comedy show, the Pecha Kucha talk, and now, these two episodes on North Avenue Lounge.

Episode 1 and Episode 2 (highly recommended – I think it might be my best NAL episode ever)

Thing is, now I’m tired. I’m bored of hearing myself say these things over and over again. I’m tired of telling my same stories to new guys ad nauseum. I feel well and truly done with this material on both a creative and a personal level. So, thusly, I have ended my career as any sort of authority, storyteller, or humorist regarding online dating. I’m taking my love life off line and back to the private sector, mostly because there are great leaders, shows, podcasts, movies, etc. that have much more well-researched, funny, and forward-looking things to say about it than I do.

Maybe we can meet up for a cup of coffee, and you can tell me about your love life. Or your cats. Or your favorite book…