Hi all –

In the few days of this week following Monday’s events, this campus has experienced a shift of epic proportion. Monday’s incident was both disillusioning and galvanizing. Never has this community felt such a sense of collective loss, nor pride. In so many scribbled thoughts and memories on the many vigil points around campus I keep seeing it written: “… I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD!”

Standing on War Memorial Tuesday night while thousands of lit candles roared our school cheer: “LET’S GO! – HOKIES!” – that collective yell shook every stone faced building of this campus with ebullience and life. In that cry we reaffirmed that we were – and are – still alive.

It has not been easy to be here, but it has been necessary. We morn for those lost and we begin rebuilding what has been broken. The needs are great and the thoughts and prayers of so many radiate with a humbling intensity.

As one Hokie to my few, dear friends and family… and any one else you want to send these thoughts and images on to, Thank You for holding us in the light over these past few days.

May we all continue, living vigorously.



Also, see www.vt.edu for more images and info.