Hey, Friends and Fams,

There’ve been several episodes of the North Avenue Lounge since I last posted, covering topics such as drag queens in Atlanta, visual artists of color, improv comedy, and playwrights.  Today’s episode was about Community Farmers Markets and the food justice movement.  It was a very interesting topic to explore for sure.

I can’t ask you to go back and listen to hours of old radio (you’ve got lives to lead), but I thought you might find it interesting that I’ve started doing a new closing segment at the end of each episode.  I’ve been experimenting and have finally taken to calling these bits, “One Last Thing.”  Here’s today’s segment under the new name.  It contains a special shoutout to my dad, to Blacksburg (especially the YMCA Community Garden and Emily Stewart, may she rest in peace), and my friend, Eleanor.  Hope you like it!

As always, would love to use this as an invitation to hear from you in your respective garden patches of the world.

Shannon ~*