Here comes yet another new development in my life’s adventures.

On Friday I was offered and accepted a position in development with Synchronicity Theatre Company in Atlanta. I will move there just after the first of the year. This position is part time to start with (20-25 hours per week), but the organization hopes to help me work toward it becoming full time over the next year.

[Pause for commentary: I have to say that I’m excited and nervous to be moving to Atlanta. I got a bit of a taste for living in the big city while I was in Minneapolis, and it was really fun. The grocery stores alone, my god! But I just started hearing the stories of the water shortage down there over the weekend. An interesting time to move into the area for sure.]

At the same time, I have negotiated with my current work, HERE: Honoring Experiences, Reflections, and Expressions, that I will continue to work with them from a distance at 1/4 time, returning to Blacksburg once a month, in order to conduct an event in April close the anniversary of the shootings. The event will be a multi-disciplinary artists response or reflection, with visual art in the lobby and then a performance inside the theater (spoken word, dance, music, etc.).

All in all, I must say, I’m pretty excited. Life is good. I’m going to be able to move forward into this next chapter of my life and still be able to contribute to the ongoing healing work of this community that I love so much. How could I ask for more?