Ok, folks. It’s been a long time. Here we are again. I’m in a whole new state. A whole new reality. It’s made it all the way up to 20 degrees today and that feels like a heat wave. I’ve seen 9 below on more than one occasion. After all the warnings, I mean it’s not like I didn’t believe it, but yes, it’s just darn cold here.

That aside, there are things that I’m really enjoying about being in this big old city. For instance, I went to see a movie in a theater last night that I’m not sure I would have gotten to see in that format, much less heard about at home–fantastic though the Lyric may be.

I’ve also eaten out a fair amount and have not had a bad meal yet. So many unusual dishes that I just would have never have thought of but were so tasty. A chipotle, goat cheese, black bean, spinach and smoked turkey whole wheat quesadilla? Unbelievable!

Also, there are still Christmas lights up everywhere, which almost makes the cold bearable because it makes the weather feel “seasonably appropriate.”

Finally, I must say that I am working with a great bunch of people at both locations, and I have a fantastic little Victorian house to live in with a red room all to myself. Life is good.

So, this is it for my first blog. Please feel free to let me know if you would like to keep subscribing one way or another. I promise I will not be offended!