I remember a while back CBS Sunday Morning used to do this thing – maybe they still do. It was called “Everybody’s Got a Story.” The correspondent would stand in front of a giant map of the US and throw a dart behind him. Wherever it landed, there he would go. Upon arriving in said town, he would then open up the phone book and wherever his finger landed, he would call up that person and ask to come interview them.

It was fascinating.

Well, I’ve been thinking…

Some of you have been complaining that I haven’t had enough to say on this blog lately. I seem to be in a quiet period. Not enough embarrassing or epiphany-driven moments of note have come along. The Writing Muse has been absent around these parts. But, I still think about all of you out there in the world with whom I once shared a parallel path.

I know some fascinating people. Musicians, yoga teachers, writers, cosmetics salesmen, teachers, people who travel the world, and some who’ve never been out of their home state. You’ve all got stories.

Another inspiration for this project is that I recently heard a great NPR show/podcast called “On Being” where the person being interviewed remarked on how little news these days has to do with what’s good in the world. It’s all sensationalism and spin. If bad stuff is what we always focus on, then that’s the world we’ll continue to create.

So, for the next undetermined period of time, I’m gonna go about getting in touch with some of you and seeing if you’ll share your story with this small party of 100.

Where were you born? What do you love? What are you most afraid of? Who was the most fascinating person you ever met?

So, be ready. I’m coming. You can go ahead and write back to me now and declare your intentions. “I can’t wait” or “Did you know that I had an affair with a sultan?” or “Don’t even think about it.”

All of a sudden…