Well, hello there, fellow travelers.

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve made a post. Truth is, I got into a bit of a rut there for a while. Too much TV, not enough friends. Too much work, not enough walks. Too much reality, not enough generosity.

So, I’ve made a change of late that I’m hoping will manifest other kinds of change.

Beginning in early May, I started to transition out of working for Synchronicity and into a new job at Alternate ROOTS. For now, my work with ROOTS is just a five-month contract. I will primarily be coordinating their Annual Meeting, which takes place in August in Asheville. The AM is a gathering of about 175 artists and activists from all over the country, but primarily the South. I have been an active member of ROOTS since 2005, and I am so pleased to be coming onto the staff in this way.

After this contract is over, I’m strongly considering moving to Asheville. While there are many things that I’ve enjoyed about living in Atlanta, I’m not sure that this is the place for me for the long haul. I’ve had a hard time establishing a sense of community for myself here.

So that’s the quick update. I am sorry for my radio silence, and I sure do hope to be in touch again more regularly. Fingers crossed that the amusing or thought-provoking adventures like I’ve regaled you with in the past start finding their way onto my path again soon.

Until then, I remain steadfastly yours…


P.S. And before you ask, there’s been NO internet dating in about a year. I lost the gumption. 😉