Tremendously excited to share with you the first published story from the #GCDDStorytellingProject. This story appeared in the most recent issue of @Georgia Council for Developmental Disabilities’ magazine, “Making a Difference.”

“Fridays are Robin Wilson’s favorite days. She gets to work at  Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters, the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter in the Southeast for rescued cats and dogs. Robin walks dogs, does laundry used in the care of the rescued animals, and prepares kits that are sent home with every new adoption…”

Am I Gonna Be Stuck With You?

Am I Gonna Be Stuck With You? pg 2

Am I gonna be stuck with you now?” That’s a question that has come to mean many things over the course of her life. At first it meant, “Do I have to sit through my brother’s baseball practice because there’s nothing else for me to do?” to more recently “Do I have anyone working with me this weekend or am I stuck with you?” and even more broadly, “What will happen to me as we both get much older?” What will happen to Robin when they both get much older is still a question. For now, she seems to have settled into a happy rhythm of sharing time between mom, grandma, work, and fixing taco salads for all her company.