…when last we left our world traveler, she was waving goodbye to Minneapolis from the green Nissan, named “Esmerelda,” and headed across the country to visit with friends and family, and eventually to seek her fortunes in Hotlanta. Now, a new episode emerges unexpectedly

Dear Family and Friends,

I know that you were all thinking that I was headed to Atlanta in the next week or so after having spent nearly a month traveling and visiting people. However, while I was driving from Minneapolis to D.C., I got a very interesting e-mail, which spun life off into a totally new direction.

A group called HERE (Honoring Experiences, Reflections, and Expressions) coalesced in Blacksburg during the months following the tragedy that occurred in our community on April 16. These fine citizens consist of a broad cross-section of community leadership and some campus as well. They’re desired goal was to facilitate avenues for community dialogue and artistic response to the new place that we find ourselves. After a certain point, the committee agreed that there was too much work to be done with just volunteers who all had full-time jobs and commitments in other arenas. So, they have asked me to come on board as their first staff member.

It is most exciting, humbling, and terrifying for me to take on this work, but I’m proud to do it. I’m starting out with a three-month contract with the option to renew at the end of that time if it makes sense to both parties.

So, to Blacksburg I return, if for only a brief stint. Wish me luck! I’m sure I’ll have more stories to tell over time.

Thanks for all of your constant support.

(As always, this makes for a good time for you to hit reply and tell me what’s going on in your neck of the woods!)