That’s right, free.

Ugh, I feel like one of those QVC people!

This is different, though, because what I want to give you is truly a gift of myself.

I have written an 8-part series, a free sampler of my StoryMuse storytelling curriculum. If you sign up for, StoryMusings, my new list through MailChimp, I’ll send you the first lesson tomorrow and continue to send one post per week for eight weeks.

This list will eventually grow and segment to feature upcoming events, articles, and even opportunities to enroll in online trainings, but you get to opt into whatever content you want.You will also, of course, have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

In the free sampler, I tell stories about what I’ve learned from coaching, give some of my best tips about how to tell a good story, and even talk about some of the unexpected moments where telling a story is useful.

Click here to sign up. I look forward to growing our story together.