StoryMuse provides unique strategies for personal, business, organizational, and community development through reality storytelling & theatre techniques–everywhere it is needed.

Shannon M. Turner is the Founder/Creative Director of StoryMuse. She serves as an independent consultant who conducts workshops and provides coaching to individuals and organizations seeking to use true, personal stories for transformative potential. Shannon has two decades of professional experience and an MFA from Virginia Tech.

Menu of Services

Workshops & Trainings: Introductory to deeper level experiences around the use of personal narrative for personal and professional development.

Projects & Residencies: Longer engagements with organizations, companies, and communities that engage around special topics and skills.

Individual Coaching: Working one-on-one to enhance your creativity, expand your public speaking skills, develop specific performance, or increase authenticity and mental flexibility.

Events: Unique storytelling events  produced by or in partnership with StoryMuse.

Publications: Learn more about StoryMuse, stay connected, and find out about storytelling articles from the field.

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