Walks with Grief will be a collection of short essays and stories, reflections on my personal experiences of grief, what I’ve learned through my work in the world about the function of grief, and a discussion of how my walking practice has helped me move through it all.

I invite you to reach out if you’d like to take a real or virtual walk with me.

You can follow this project online by using the hashtag #walkswithgrief.


Last year, as I struggled a bit to work on my own writing for the book, I did what I do best. I reached out to others, and encouraged them to tell their own stories.

The result: The Walks with Grief Website. This is a growing body of curated personal essays from all kinds of perspectives and experiences on grief, some of which include how walking or physically moving through can help. I’m also using it as a repository for research I come across on the topic. Most of all, I hope you’ll join with me in celebrating these brave and beautiful authors.

If you’d like to contribute an essay for this site, please contact me!

Now, I need to just get back to my own writing…