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Working on cultivating stories for a new one-woman show

Just like public workshop offerings through StoryMuse, I offer private coaching in the art of crafting and delivering a powerful true story. Who might be interested in this opportunity?

  • Professionals who need to learn how to tell their story in moments of staff/board leadership
  • Entrepreneurs who need to be able to convey their business’s unique foundation story or “the turning point”
  • Teachers and clergy
  • Students and professionals preparing for interviews or presentation
  • Artists interested in developing a personal story for specific performance
  • Anyone who is interested in improving her/his public speaking skills, comfort, and charisma in the public realm
Often, clients come in because they’re stuck, a need for reconciliation between what they thought their life was going to be and where they are now. Recently, when working with a new client, I wrote “what I thought” on a piece of paper, and handed it to her. “Here, tear this up!” She did, laughed, sat back with relief. After that, we were able to storyboard scenarios for her future with a lot more fluidity.

Activities & discussions include:

  • Confidence-building (spirit animal/power pose)
  • Drawing the line of your story
  • First line/last line/outline
  • Theme
  • Life maps
  • Storyboarding
  • Future/manifesting stories

Want to discuss your coaching needs and goals? Select a date and time for a free phone consultation to discuss here.

Shannon coached me and helped me create a pretty good story… She knows her stuff. As someone who tells other people’s stories for a living, I thought I had this stuff down. Hardly. There is so much to learn from someone who is experienced in this specific craft.  I can honestly also say I’m pretty sure this is going to help me as I continue to tell other people’s stories. For other journalists, I can see a storytelling workshop as only making us better at our jobs, especially in a time when we are surrounded by so much division. Telling stories, sharing stories, will be key in bringing us together. Thanks for taking time out of your day and offering me the opportunity to learn something new, Shannon.

Dyana Bagby
Christin & I met about once a month to help her develop stories.

Shannon’s curriculum is world class. Her words have impact, whether she is telling a story or coaching other passionate individuals. Her dedication to this art, and to developing this skill in others is commendable! I thoroughly enjoy working with Shannon. I utilize the art of storytelling in my professional realm to focus the impact of my words, and in my personal life to process experiences. The ability to build community from words, to establish connections from shared experiences, and the courage to articulate, are not taught in traditional corporate or education settings. These are the real ways in which Shannon M. Turner and StoryMuse are changing our Atlanta community, and the world.†

Christin Rutz

I’d love to work with you to help you develop your story. Get on my calendar today to discuss rates and your needs.

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