StoryMuse Mission & Values

Strength Through Vulnerability, Resilience Through Curiosity.

Mission Statementstorymuse_vector_allred_drive

StoryMuse provides unique strategies for personal, business, organizational, and community development through reality storytelling & theatre techniques–everywhere it is needed.

Values Statements

  • I believe that stories build empathy and that the world is better when we are challenged to hear each other’s stories. In fact, we build personal charisma and resilience when we build empathy through storytelling.
  • I believe that stories build strength through appreciating vulnerability & authenticity.
  • I believe that stories are cool, especially when we show how profoundly uncool we can be. When we tell our stories and listen to each other’s stories, we are giving a unique and special gift to each other, showing how our imperfections are beautiful, and giving each other more implicit and explicit permission to be beautifully imperfect.
  • I believe that understanding and appreciating our individual stories & journeys show us how we connect to the rest of the world.
  • As a member of Alternate ROOTS, I believe in their 5 Principles of Working in Community:
    • Shared Power
    • Partnership
    • Open Dialogue
    • Individual and Community Transformation–This principle especially becomes manifest in my work as I believe that storytelling is a path to becoming healthier individuals and communities together.
    • Aesthetics of Transparent Processes

Have a feeling our mission and values are aligned? Let’s talk.

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