SpaceMuse LogoDo you have a space that’s come to overwhelm you?

Do the words “get organized” make you sick to your stomach?

Have so many people given you that Marie Kondo book you want to throw it at someone’s head?

Perhaps what you need is a friend to come and work by your side, to ask the hard questions, to haul off the bags to the thrift shop at the end of the day–so you don’t have to.

We all have spaces that start to bog us down, take on an “emotional weight”–for whatever reason–and sometimes it just takes someone with patience, empathy, and a bit of firmness to break us out of that “stuck place”.

Much like my coaching of people on how to tell their personal stories or around dating, I see myself as a midwife of sorts, when it comes to helping with your space.

You can read a blog post I wrote about working with a friend in this fashion earlier this summer.

If you’d like my support to get on top of a space that’s overwhelming you, please get in touch. My rates are reasonable, and I’m eager to work with you.

Here are some stories from other people about the struggle to claim power over your space:




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