21248136_10107259221244317_1512368020_oAre you out of original date ideas, whether for first dates or that special anniversary coming up? Do you wonder if your online profile represents you well? Would you like to turn your gift for awkward conversations into a knack for the right amount of give & take?

After ten years of online dating here in Atlanta, and a whole lot of funny, painful, endearing stories that go in between, I’m launching a new service, applying all I’ve learned to help spice up your love life.

If you know my other work, StoryMuse, you may be wondering, how does this fit with being a story coach. Easy. It’s all about how your tell the story of your life at the end of the day, just with a little more focus.

Read about my first client here.

DateMuse provides a number of services, including:

Profile Coaching – I will review your online profile and offer tips on everything from typos/grammatical errors to what your pictures say about you to new and original ways to approach the text – $30/hr

Conversation Coaching – Let’s meet, either by phone or in person, to have a pretend date, talk about your conversational style, dos and don’ts of what to discuss on a first date, and what/when to say in the follow-up – $50/hr

Date Ideas – Give me a few details about you, your date/partner, your goals for the date (is it a first date? is it your five year anniversary and still want to learn something new about each other?), and I’ll provide up to three date ideas per encounter – $30/hr

Date Experience Planning & Execution – No time to plan things yourself but want to look like the boss who planned this amazing date? Give me the same details as above, and turn it all over to me. I’ll have the tickets and the picnic basket waiting in the park for you. Shhhh! I won’t tell. – $50/hr (plus materials, tickets purchases, etc.)

Blog – If you’re in my client list, you’ll have access to an exclusive blog which aggregates cool events in Atlanta and articles about dating/relationships. – Free – For now, please consider following me on Facebook.

Please use my contact page to get in touch, and let’s start a new chapter in your love story today!

Want a free sampler of my “special sauce”? Watch my Pecha Kucha talk, “A Few Things I’ve Learned About Online Dating”.

Make sure the door of your heart is open and let’s get started!


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