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cropped-sister-l.jpgMy first love: storytelling. I met my first love at camp. I picked up on all the stories the counselors told us and parroted them back. I was kind of famous for getting to tell “Herman the Salamander” to Doc McConnell when he came to my school. When I went on to become a camp counselor, I told stories like “Herman” and “The Peach” for many summers to many, many campers.

I first found my way into reality storytelling in February 2010 with the birth of what was then called MothUp Atlanta. MothUp has since morphed into Carapace, a monthly gathering of raconteurs and story connoisseurs. It is, in many ways, my artistic home, but it has also given birth to several other storytelling opportunities for me over the years.

Now, I’m pleased to announce the written version of “String of Fish”
has been published in The Bitter Southerner!


  • Emory & Henry College, B.A. in English Literature, Minor in Women’s Studies, 1997
  • Virginia Tech, M.F.A. in Arts Administration & Public Dialogue, Certificate in Nonprofit Administration, 2007



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Here are some nice things that people I’ve worked with said about me on LinkedIn:

  • “As a first-time cast member in Stories on the Edge of Night, I was a little intimidated by my fellow storytellers – all professionals. Shannon immediately established a warm and welcoming tone for the group, and facilitated an extremely helpful workshopping process in the months leading up to the show. That show was a game-changer for me as a storyteller, thanks to Shannon’s intentional planning, and her approach to storytelling as art and community-building.”
  • “Shannon…encouraged rehearsal, teamwork, organization, planning and constructive criticism. She led powerful, engaging workshops that contributed directly to the most successful shows in the program’s history.”


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