Thank-You Stories

As some of you who follow my blog do so because you’re not social media types, I thought I’d catch you up. Something really cool happened over the last couple months in that virtual land where you do not go.

During April I conducted a GoFundMe campaign to help get myself to Kansas City, MO so I can attend the National Storytelling Network’s Annual Conference. Friends were very generous in their gifts, and I was truly humbled by the immediate outpouring. I was able to pay for my registration and a pre-conference workshop, which will be a very important part of my ongoing professional training. A very special donor also purchased my flight with his frequent flyer miles. It was, like I said, a humbling experience.

I wanted to give thanks. Not having any swag or other cool things in my business arsenal just yet, I thought the best thing would be to say thank-you with the best gifts I’ve been given…my own stories.

Over the course of some weeks, I recorded, and in some cases re-recorded, some of my best-loved stories, and posted them on my Facebook page with thanks to individuals and groups of donors. Still, I didn’t want you guys to miss out.

Here they are for your listening pleasure, when you’ve got time.

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