On the TeeVee


Lately they’ve been recording and airing our Carapace stories on PBA, our local PBS station. It’s pretty groovy to get to see yourself up there in this way. Haven’t gotten to catch an episode on a real TV since mine now serves as a great place to put post-it notes & affirmations. Still, the online version is kind of fun.

Hope you enjoy this one:




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  1. very good!! merry Christmas sharom

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hey ST,

    Congrats on all the ways your work is getting love in the world!

    When we were together in ATL you mentioned sharing some of this in the Member News. Could you send anything specific you want shared to my work email? Our next Member News goes out Monday, Jan 11, so getting stuff to me by the Wednesday before would be wonderful.

    Much happiness to you this holiday season!



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