Some fun news on the Red Crickette Front!

Hello, there, Red Crickette Fans!

I have some fun news to share of things a-foot in my world.

First, today I will be featured on a blog called I Write Because.  Thanks very much to my friend, Lesley Howard, for introducing me to the opportunity.

Even better, on Monday, September 19, I will be on City Café, the noon time show of WABE, Altanta’s NPR station.  I went into the station last week to record my story – one of my greatest hits about camp and unrequited love.  I have no idea when in the noon hour it will play.  If you’re not in the Atlanta area, but want to listen live, you can stream WABE on their website.  However, I will receive a link after the fact and will be able to send it out.

Speaking of my beloved childhood camp, sadly, it was destroyed by a flood on August 5, 2012 – over $1 million in damage.  You can read about the recovery effort here.  (I have a little story on there too.)

Thanks for all your love and support!


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  1. Super-cool about NPR!

    My camp in CO was damaged by the Waldo Canyon Fires this summer. Camps are wonderful. They'll come back.


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