Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

This is a story I told at The Moth in August 2010. I didn’t write it down – just got up and told it on the fly. I’m a little embarrassed by its scandalous nature, and yet still compelled to archive it here. I hope most people who read my blog don’t go back and check this page.


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  1. Well you KNOW I had to watch the video after that intro. I wasn't too scandalized. But I'm not Methodist. 😉


  2. A-hehe. Ellen, I think you're the only one who subscribes to the blog this way. Everyone else just gets it sent to their email, so I think I'm still safe. It's the whole admitting that I smoked, and at a church camp no less! It was am offense I could have been fired for. Really, I'm mostly such a goody-goody that I'm embarrassed of getting caught doing anything naughty – even fifteen years after the fact!


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